The School of Discipleship

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 23, 2017

By Father Thomas McCabe

What would you do to enroll your child in a world class education? What outcome standards would you want to see?

What would you do if I told you that I discovered a world class education that does these five things:
1. Guarantees the opportunity for your child to grow in love of learning and authentic love;
2. Guarantees a free meal that strengthens your child to pass all the tests both in and out of school;
3. Guarantees that your child will grow in character and virtue so as to have authentic happiness;
4. Guarantees that your child will get to know their tutor who is available 24/7;
5. Guarantees that the child will be a well-rounded person who puts what is known to be true into practice.

You may think that this school is not real, or that it is too expensive, or maybe that it is a boarding school that takes your child away for 11 months out of the year and has classes from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Actually, this school is real. It is a school that only requires on average 3 hours 52 weeks of the year and about 15 – 30 Minutes of homework every day.

You might think that this school exists only for an elite group of people that can afford the cost. But this is an amazing fact, the cost is pro-rated. The school asks only 5% of the total family weekly income. For example, if you make $500.00 a week your cost would be $20.00 a week. If you have two sources of income and your income is $5,000.00 a week you would pay $250.00. Whatever the income, 5% would come to this school.

That would be a lot of money for those who have more than two children in the school, I agree. But here is the beautiful thing about this school, it is for the whole family! All those guarantees above are just a sample of the guarantees for the entire family!

And the cost is just 5% of the family income. This is an incredible savings! It is the saving that only God can guarantee and He does. The school that I am talking about is the school of Christian discipleship that has at its center the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 52 Sundays out of the year plus Religious Education programs, some Holy Days of obligation, some wonderful spiritual retreat time and some volunteer work will give your family the guarantee that God has provided in the Church, whose main teacher is the Holy Spirit and the very Word of God made flesh – Jesus Christ.

Also, if you have financial difficulties like unforeseen medical payments, you can be prudent – and honest – and miss payments without any penalty! You just have to be
committed to attending the school with your family and paying when you can.

To all those who are participating in this school of discipleship by going to Mass every weekend for the glory of God and the salvation of souls, THANK YOU! for being on the path to everlasting happiness, and for helping others along the same path by your witness and companionship.

Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Thomas McCabe


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